About Dr Sandy

You know how a lot of families today have a hard time dealing with kids that are overweight, sometimes even obese.  Well I help families like that, by teaching Moms (and the occasional Dad), what it takes to correct the underlying bad body chemistry, which is packing on the pounds.

One of my earliest family memories,  involved me overhearing a conversation. In the conversation my Aunty described OUR family. 

Everyone in the family was a 1, except Sandra (that’s me), I was a O.

1’s were tall and skinny and Os were very round and dumpy.

Life as an O

I spent my childhood living and feeling like an O.  

worrying about weight as a toddlerAs a teen,  I struggled to fit in the world of 1s,  so I made sure I became A BRAIN.  Fortunately, it was something I took to like a duck to water so here I am………….
The ultimate uber geeky academic.  I love knowledge and spend every waking minute in pursuit  of gaining more.  Reading journal articles on a Saturday evening really is my idea of FUN !

The history of A BRAIN

I went to university to be a zoologist – somewhere along the way, I fell in love with chemistry, specifically biological chemistry and switched tracks, completing a BSc degree majoring in Chemistry and Microbiology in 1990, a BSc(Hons) in Pharmacology in 1991 and finally a  PhD in Pharmacology in 1996. 

Celebrating being A BRAIN

Celebrating being A BRAIN

I then went on to teach pharmacology first at my alma mater, the University of the Witwatersrand and then I was instrumental in founding the Science Faculty at Midrand Graduate Institute, one of the first private tertiary institutions in South Africa.   Along the way, I taught part-time at the University of Johannesburg (still do), the University of Pretoria  and a couple of high schools.  I’ve presented for a host of organizations.

A break down

My weight fluctuated up and down in my twenties and early thirties, as I did my best to obey they health rules i.e. avoid fat.  Then in the midst of a relatively skinny period – I faced a unexpected health crisis.
I had a nervous break down.
My nervous breakdown was not the kind where you cry buckets of tears and avoid getting out of bed because you just can’t face the world.  I quite literally had a nerve break down. The nerve that decided to go on the blink, was one the is tasked with keeping the eye muscles moving in sink.  My view of the world mutliplied overnight – instead of seeing everything once, I got to see it twice.
Fortunately, it took about 6 months of hiding my eyes from the world, for the to fully recover,  the experience changed my view of the world.  The main catalyst for the shift in my viewpoint was a little glucose meter.  It didn’t take too long to work out, everything I was being told to do – drove my sugar levels into the strastosphere. 
I headed for the scientific journals, did a lot of self experimentation and reached a rather sobering conclusion……………  most of the advice that was being circulated was flawed, the so-called healthy living advice, was actually causing many of the  health problems people are battling.  

Spoonful of Science

I founded, Spoonful of Science, an organization dedicated to provide a variety of customized resources for organizations and individuals seeking to maximize their performance through better body chemistry.

The information that we provide is :

  • Scientifically sound
  • In plain English, not scientificeese or marketeese
  • Funny
  • Informative

Heffa-lump generation

The Heffa-lump generation is one of our flagship programmes, primarily  designed to help fight childhood obesity.    

The stats are frightening,  it is estimated that

  • 22 million children under the age of 5 are obese
  • 17 % of South African adolescents are overweight, 4.2 % are obese

But the problem is bigger than just fat kids, today’s children are anything but healthy and happy – they’re suffering from asthma, allergies, autism, ADHD etc.  The situation reminds me of a practise carried out by the early miners. 

The miners took a carnary in cage down into the mines.  The reason, the little birds were more sensitive to changes in the air quality – if the bird dropped, the miners knew they would be next, if they didn’t get out of the area smartly. 

The kids of the world are those canaries.  Following the standard advice is not working……

If you want to help your little one, you have to get to the route of the problem.  It has nothing to do with energy in or energy out.  It cannot be fixed by eating less and exercising more. 

If you’re RAISING A HEFFA-LUMP ………… there is a body chemistry problem, brought on by a combination of “BAD” genes, “BAD” neighbourhoods (environment) and “BAD” advice.

You can’t change your genes, but you can get better advice, which will help create BETTER BODY CHEMISTRY. 

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