Break all the rules

Congratulations for being a little rebellious.

The health gurus proclaim the “fix” for obesity is simple, it boils down to calorie management. Consume fewer calories and/or burn more.

So as a Mom battling a child with a weight problem, you’re doing everything you’re supposed to….

  1. You’ve signed your child up for bootcamp to burn more calories
  2. You’ve adopted THE low fat lifestyle, so your fridge is stocked with low fat milk, low fat mayonaise and low fat sausages/
  3. You’re spreading margarine on your low GI bread
  4. Sugar ladened fizzy cold drinks have been banished, instead you drink a glass of vitamin packed fruit juice with every meal
  5. The sugar bowl has been replaced with packets of artificial sweetner
  6. You demand compliance and expect your child to eat all the vegetables i.e. clean the plate
  7. Germs and things cause DISEASE – so you sterilize EVERYTHING so your child is living in “germ” free
  8. You’re doing an apple a day and an egg, less than three times a week

But your child is still fat and getting fatter – it must just be “IN THE GENES”.

You’re right, genes do count, but our genes haven’t changed in a generation. The reason for the extra fat layers …….. “BAD ADVICE”.

Physiologically speaking, calories are not created equal, and obesity is more than just a problem of excess fuel, it is a problem with body chemistry.

Ironically, the standard “healthy living” advice is actually causing BAD BODY CHEMISTRY creating

Generation Heffa-lump

and a whole host of other problems including ADHD, allergies and auto-immune diseases

Childhood obesity can be beaten, it just takes better body chemistry. If you want to help a child shed those extra pounds then you have to start by … breaking all the rules

Not all of them,  a few rules worth sticking to – like chew your food properly and get enough sleep.

Sign up today and learn which “rules” are getting in the way of your child being a normal weight. Help your little one grow up happy and healthy, so they avoid the dreaded lifestyle diseases : diabetes, cardiovascular disease, infertility and cancer.

Breaking the rules
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NB. Your child does not come with an in built willpower switch – psychology won’t work on a kid. You’ve got to stop the munchies and the only way to stop uncontrolled eating is to fix the underlying body chemistry.


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