Is your child overweight ?

Your heart is breaking as you hear your child sobbing because ……………

  • Once more they were the last child to be picked for the team
  • The boys up the road, taunted and cheered as they walked home from school
  • The cute dress she fell in love with, doesn’t come in HER size

You worry as you listen to your child coughing and wheezing, struggling to catch their breath after a short dash. You worry even more about your child facing a diagnosis of diabetes – especially since diabetes is IN THE FAMILY.

You feel like the other mothers look upon you with disdain, whispering under their breath

“How can she buy her child an ice-cream – look what her child looks like. Why doesn’t she do something about it !”

But you’re doing everything you know how…………..

  • Your child only drinks water, low fat milk and fruit juice
  • Your child adds artificial sweetner to the breakfast cereal, eats diet jellies and diet yoghurt
  • Animal fat has been banished from the house – you’re not eating red meat, eggs or butter

But nothing you do makes any difference, meal times feel like punishment. Your kitchen is a WAR ZONE………………..

Your family is part of the obesity epidemic statistics………..

  • 22 million children worldwide under the age of 5 are obese.
  • 17 % of South African adolescents are overweight, 4.2 % are obese

Why is the current generation ……………

Generation Heffa-lumpthe children of today are caught at

The intersection of BAD genes BAD neighbourhoods and BAD advice

The number 1 problem driving the obesity epidemic is “BAD” advice, not “BAD” genes.

Did you know …………

The skinny kids are all drinking full cream milk, it’s the fat kids that are drinking low fat milk

Juicing up is fattening up

Eating diet foods causes children to flunk out of calorie school

The current health advice is clearly not working very well. Isn’t it time for a change ?

Beating obesity at any age, requires more than calorie management………………… it requires


Better body chemistry will slowly dissolve away that “PUPPY” FAT – permanently.

Want to know more

Enrol in …………….calorie school for moms

And help your child be “normal”, happy and healthy, PLUS protect them from the dreaded lifestyle diseases and social stigma.

The calorie school eating plan

  • does not depend on your little one’s willpower, but on establishing better body chemistry, which will lead to better food choices, better health and ultimately a normal body weight,
  • is simple to implement – it does not require weighing and measuring things, buying special foods or preparing “special” meals, everyone in the family can follow it and get the health benefits,
  • provides all the nutrients a growing body needs, to grow up strong and healthy, so there is no need to purchase costly additional nutritional supplements,
  • is based on the latest scientific understanding of how the human body actually works presented in a humorous easy to understand way,
  • best of all, the eating plan actually TASTES PRETTY GOOD.


What I've got for you

“Calorie School for Moms” is an brand-new online programme created to help Moms (and Dads), create a lifestyle to ensure their family maintain normal weights and avoid the heart breaks and health challenges, associated with being overweight.

Here is how the course works :

  • You will have access to a series of animated videos presenting the latest science behind the chemistry behind why some people end up putting on extra layers of fat. The videos will provide you with core concepts and the “how to” that you need to “fix” your child’s body chemistry in a fun way.
  • Worksheets, charts and exercises will help you apply the theory when you’re wheeling down the shopping aisles, preparing meals and packing lunchboxes.
  • If bandwidth is a problem, the videos will also be available as MP3 audio lesson accompanied by a slide handout in pdf format. There will also be a complete transcript, to help you review the material.
  • And you’ll have access to a tight-knit online community of fellow Moms (and Dads), to trade advice, experience and recipes and get personalized advice from me.
  • Study at your own pace, you will have continuous access to lessons for as long as the site remains active, as well as access to updates and additional resources as they become available


What's in Calorie School ?The programme includes the following topics :

Hefa-lumps, skinny bean poles and equalizers puts calorie maths in perspective, so you understand where each member of your family fits inThe weight loss recipetakes you beyond the strategy of eating less and exercising more, so you know how to cook up permanent weight loss, without resorting to serving up lettuce leaves and acting like a drill sergeant

Why a calorie is a NOT a calorie

reveals why the engine model dictates the optimum fuel source and which fuel gets the body’s engine revved up and firing on all cyclinders, so you can choose the best fuel for your child

The brain’s appetite control centre

allows you to climb inside the brain and learn how the body controls the appetite on/off button, so you can flip the “I AM FULL” switch with the foods you feed your little one, rather than relying on their willpower

Counting calories

gets you counting calories brain style, not laboratory style, so you end up not having to count calories each time you serve up a meal

A cupboard full of fat but nothing to burn

uncovers the most likely reason your child is squirreling away fat, rather than burning it efficiently. Once you understand this, it is relatively easy to break the fat bank

Break the fat bank

transforms your little one into an efficient fat burner, so the fat vault can be emptied once and for all while at the same time balancing our body chemistry for optimal health

Rule of thirds

provides you with simple rules to “fix” each meal to provide optimal body chemistry. The rules don’t require weighing and measuring each morsel of food – all it takes is a little eye balling.

Gut feelings

find out how to stifle those hunger pangs by dispatching the “I AM FULL MESSAGE” swiftly to the brain, so your child stops eating sooner, rather than later without you having to nag

The sugar high

tame the hungry for NICE things approach to eating, by forcefully disabling your child’s sugar gremlin and finding alternative ways to reward good behaviour

Makes sense

manipulate your child’s environment so you avoid the eyes and other senses, from dishing up dinner

The “kings” orders

employ a little psychology to help your little one stick with the programme


How much ?Your child’s puppy fat is costing a lot more than just looking like a bit of a blob in a swimming costume. If your child has a weight problem, it is not a calorie problem per se, it is a body chemistry problem. Counting calories won’t “fix” the underlying body chemistry imbalances and bad body chemistry will bring medical bills and heart ache down the line.

Enrol in Calorie School for R 750 ( $97) and equip yourself with the knowledge to take back control of your family’s health. Learn how to use food to create good body chemistry.


what if I don't love it ?

Test drive the course for a week and see how it feels.

I think you’re going to find the information is solid, the worksheets will show you exactly what to do next, the community is a huge source of support.

If you don’t agree, let me know within the first 7 days of your membership. I’ll be very happy to refund your tuition, and we’ll part as friends.

In addition, if you follow the suggested eating plan, as detailed and you child does not lose any weight, first I will work with you to assist you in pinpointing the problem(s) and if even then, you are still unhappy, you can have all your money back AND keep all the downloads you received.

When do I have to decide ?“Calorie School for Moms” runs four times a year and enrolment is restricted to no more than 200 people.

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