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The human body is an amazingly designed machine, with a million bits and pieces which operate in sync. Everyone’s machine is slightly different, but very few people have machines that can’t function, the trouble is, most of them aren’t functioning optimally. The reason, they’re not getting the right fuel and additives.

The vision of Spoonful of Science is

  • to take the science which is being unpacked and pieced together, in research labs around the world, by great scientists and
  • translate it into plain English, so that every family dealing with weighty issues, has the tools and resources to create better body chemistry.

Childhood obesity can be beaten with better body chemistry.

I would love to connect with you to share the tips, tools and resources I have developed.

If you haven’t yet, enrol in my free e-course, it is filled with tit bits of advice, based on REAL SCIENCE. The information is easy to understand and includes actionable advice which you can readily implement to begin the journey to helping the little one(s) you’re responsible for, to lose the extra pounds and improve their overall health and happiness in the process.

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In addition, to my free e-course, I offer several programs, suitable for individual families dealing with the difficulty of an overweight child, as well as organizations, dedicated to creating healthy thriving communities.

Select the programme that best suits your situation….

For individuals….

calorie school for momsThis programme is available as a live event or on-line programme. Click on the links, to learn more.  If you feel that you have a special situation which needs a more personalized touch, I am also available to meet with you for a one-to-one health conversation.

For organizations…..

I am available to give a FREE hour long keynote presentation packed with information. the heffa lump generation title powerpoint

NOTE : I live in Gauteng, South Africa, I am happy to consider speaking anywhere in the world, if travel arrangements are paid.

To learn more about other Spoonful of Science programmes and initiatives visit our website.tiny logo