The skinny kids are all drinking full cream milk

fat kid drinking low fat milkCongratulations.

It may end up being a hollow victory.

Full fat kids are not the fat kids

The thin kids aren’t drinking low fat milk, they’re slurping down full fat milk every single day.

This is the finding of a study carried out by Sahlgrenska Academy in Sweden on a group of healthy 8 year olds.

The study showed that children who drink full-fat milk every day weighed in, on average, 4 kg lower, than the milk abstainers and those who consume low-fat milk.

Lower fat means fewer calories

Low fat milk definitely has fewer calories, so on paper at least, consuming low fat milk in place of full fat milk should translate to fewer calories being consumed.

Weight is all about balancing the calories in with the calories out. So fewer in should be tipping the scales against weight gain.

More to it than calories

Clearly it is not just about calories, but what “it is” is still a big mystery.

Various ideas have been mooted

  • Maybe kids who drink full cream milk don’t drink as many sugar laden beverages i.e. more milk less fruit juice and/or cola
  • Maybe consuming more fat in their diet, leads them to feel fuller so they eat less other stuff
  • Maybe there are nutrients in full cream milk that boost metabolism

Milk is not the cause of childhood obesity

Raising a heffa-lump is not desirable, but loading the refrigerator with low fat milk, is probably not the solution.

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